Grand Rapids Michigan Homewood Suites

LARGE QUICKS, MI - Trendy Homewood Suites by Hilton bring new life to a historic building in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Originally built in 1898 and converted into an office building in the late 1950s, the hotel has been transformed into a modern version of its original design. The massive wooden lobby that once welcomed visitors has now been removed and a huge fountain of light has been created in the centre of the building for hotel rooms, apartments and offices. Hotel guests walking down Ottawa Avenue enter a new two-story lobby, where a floating staircase leads to the new two-story lobby.

There is an entrance to the hotel car park and from there it is a short walk to all the activities in the city centre. The hotel does not have a garage, however, so you can easily get there from any of them, but there is a separate fee when you leave the garage. I parked in another garage nearby and thought the fee would be just $12 for 24 hours. Overnight parking is $30 and overnight parking at the Grand Rapids Convention and Visitors Bureau's Parking for hotel guests is $20.

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