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We decided to sample the city's cuisine at a variety of Grand Rapids restaurants to sample some of the city's most popular vegan restaurants and dishes from across the state.

If you've always wanted to learn how to roll your own sushi, you can now, and Grand Rapids is evolving to create an unforgettable experience for guests. Restaurants opening this year continue to underscore the importance of taking the food scene in Grand Rapids seriously. Grand Rapids has a number of great beers - gastro pubs, restaurants and bars, some of which are highlighted here, as well as some of the best vegan restaurants in town.

If you're hungry for a snack or planning a dinner party, you can order something tasty online at any Grand Rapids restaurant. Consider restaurant reviews given by Uber Eats users to measure how popular a restaurant is in Grand Rapids, where the average rating is 4.6. You can also explore restaurants that will deliver your address by searching by cuisine category, such as Mexican. If you want your order in front of you rather than having it delivered, check out our list of the most popular delivery options for restaurants in Grand Falls. Some offer pick-ups, and there are about 20 in Grand Rapids that you can check out, as well as some that offer pick-ups in other parts of Michigan, such as Kalamazoo, Lansing and Ann Arbor.

Grand Rapids Magazine has selected its top 10 this year based on the city's most popular restaurants and the number of restaurants with the highest average ratings on Yelp.

There are not many rooftop spots in Grand Rapids, but there are some real gems, and one of my favorite places in town is there. Taqueria San Jose has been called by some as the best tacos in Grand Rapids - a term that should not be taken lightly. There is a historic neighborhood that I recommend as Heritage Hill because it is a real gem.

Grand Rapids also has the furniture city, which dates back to the 1800s, when the wood furniture business boomed. This charming East Grand Rapids location serves some of the best food in town, as well as a wide selection of local craft beers and wines. The city is still home to one of my favorite restaurants in Michigan, and it's a mix of old and new restaurants from all over Michigan and even the country.

Stella's atmosphere is enhanced by old arcade games, but they also have a respectable beer list, underscored by a wide selection of local craft beers as well as some great local wines. Osaka in Southeast Grand Rapids offers a wide selection, especially for those with a taste for craft beer and wine, which is not too common in the region.

A great way to stay active while visiting Grand Rapids is to take a day trip to Lake Michigan or visit one of the many trails. Here are some different ways to discover the best restaurants and restaurants in and around Grand Rapids. Isaac can also see the city, and if you're planning a trip back to see it for yourself, you can also see the great rapids of Experience. Overall, Grand Rapids was great fun and has so many great dining options that you should plan your return trip so that Isaac and I can visit all of these cities as well.

Now you can indulge in something delicious and enjoy some of your favorite restaurants in Grand Rapids without making a reservation. Search on Google to quickly see a list of the best restaurants in and around the city and the most popular places.

Kent County's pantry is open at scheduled times of the week for households who need emergency food to feed themselves. The Community Food Club is open only for recommendations, please ask for recommendations via the Recommendation Form. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service, more than 4.3 billion meals were distributed in Michigan in 2016.

We are pleased to offer the GRCC Student Food Pantry at Grand Rapids Community College Student Center every first Saturday of the month. Please share your favorite Grand Rapids restaurant that you enjoyed trying during our three-day visit. They serve a great martini and definitely fried chicken, but they're also great for a quick meal.

The fertile land around Lake Michigan is home to high-quality restaurants that use organic and local produce. Many Grand Rapids restaurants serve local food, and Bistro Bella Vista is sure to satisfy your hunger for a fancy, sustainable meal. They offer local ingredients from about 10 Michigan farms, but there is also a wide selection of fresh produce from local farms in the area. If you're in a restaurant near Grand Rapids from May to September, when the rose is available, you can treat yourself to some tapas inspired by northern Spain and the Basque Country.

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