Grand Rapids Michigan Attractions

Meijers finds new ways to reach people stuck at home, and this is one of them. Families can play with attractions such as pedal carts, visit farm animals, play on four-connected fours or play in a play area with interactive games.

Check the Facebook Experience Grand Rapids website for more details about what happens during your visit. Stroll through parks, streets and monuments to learn more about the history of the Grand Falls and its history.

Plan a party at the popular Mitten Brewing or attend the international art competition Art Prize, especially if you like craft beer. You can enjoy some of the best craft beers from the Midwest (and know they all started in Grand Rapids), or plan a party at the popular Mittens Brew and head to the Art Prize, an international art competition. Sightseeing and museums could be an interesting way to learn more about the history of Grand Rapids. If you're interested in a more educational trip, we recommend visiting the Michigan Museum of Natural History, Grand Valley State University and the University of Michigan. Grand Falls Children's Museum is a full-day educational experience for parents and teachers.

If you need to stay for a day or two, you can also walk to the Michigan Museum of Natural History, Grand Valley State University and the University of Michigan. For those with a little more budget, we like the Holiday Inn Downtown Grand Rapids, and so will you. By the way, do you like to throw your lucky pencil into the fountain in Veteran's Memorial Park? The museum is just blocks from Grand River Riverfront Park, a popular tourist attraction.

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park is open year-round and is located on the west side of Grand River Riverfront Park, just blocks from the Michigan Museum of Natural History. Another option for animal lovers is the Bebe Zoo, an 80-acre zoo and aquarium in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, just across the street from Grand Valley State University. The five-storey tropical conservatory is home to more than 1,000 bird species, reptiles and amphibians.

Various permanent exhibitions include Habitat, which explores the ecosystems of western Michigan, and Furniture City, which explores the history of furniture in the United States and Canada, as well as furniture from around the world. Other interesting art attractions include the Michigan Museum of Natural History and Grand River Riverfront Park, both strategically located downtown. On the west side is the Grand Rapids Art Museum, a collection of more than 1,000 artworks. There is also the Ice Sculpture Park, where over 50 ice sculptures adorn the great rapids of downtown, making it one of the largest ice sculpture parks in North America.

The Grand Rapids Children's Museum is located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids and accommodates nine key exhibits on two floors. My favourites include the children's exhibition "Great Grandfathers of the Great Lakes" and the museum's collection of toys, books and other items.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to do the next two things, but I recommend the waitress at Founders, who has three children. Founded in 1854, the Grand Rapids Public Museum moved to its current location in the heart of downtown in 1994. As a downtown attraction, it hosts permanent and traveling exhibitions ranging from the works of Michigan artists to the furniture that has made the city famous as an industrial design community. The hotel offers a variety of restaurants and bars as well as a number of other local businesses.

If you're visiting Grand Rapids on Memorial or Labor Day weekend, make sure you go to Millennium Park and soak up the sun on the beach or on the paddling pool.

If you have a day or two off and want to get out of town with your family, consider Grand Rapids, Michigan. To truly appreciate the city, you need to explore it, so plan day trips or travel far to experience an adventure on the water. If you're planning a day or two or a family trip to the city, consider visiting Grand Rapids Michigan for a weekend getaway. It is located on the Grand River, and the river connects it, but it is also a great place to travel and explore.

In Grand Rapids, you can enjoy the urban surroundings of Rosa Park Circle and see sailboats sail past in John Collins Park. You will never be bored in Frederik Meijer Park and Sculpture Park, located on the outskirts of the city and beyond its borders.

What will surprise you is how breathtaking the nature in Grand Rapids is, and on the second day you will get up close and personal with many of them. Enjoy the outdoors in winter with free spectacular snowshoe walks led by the Friends of Grand Falls Parks. Feel the crunch of snow under your feet and enjoy nature with a free, spectacular snowshoe run. Explore DowntownGrand Rapids with free guided tours from grand Rapids Running Tours.

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More About Grand Rapids