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The post of zoning and construction director is a full-time job, subject to different rules and is taken over by the Mason County Board of Commissioners. Currently, a nationally recognized industry leader in zoning and building management is seeking a position in the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is seeking an executive director to take over the position at headquarters in Lafayette, Indiana, with the current executive director holding the position since 2004. This is the year-round position for which the zone manager needs an average of 12 to 20 hours per week. Michigan DMEQ, the largest and most respected regional residential and commercial environmental management organization based in Lafayette, Indiana, is seeking an executive director for the Office of Planning and Development (OPD) at the University of Michigan Medical Center (UMMC) in Grand River, Michigan.

Office hours are office hours and working hours during the week, with an average of 12 to 20 hours per week in the office and a maximum of 24 hours per week.

The job advertisement expires in 30 days, but since many vacancies are not public, you can upload your CV at any time. Interested parties should send their CV (including references) and a salary requirement letter, which should include at least two (2) years of experience in the Grattan City Council Office, to Michelle Alberts ([email protected]) at [email protected]. All CVs, including references, should be submitted to the office of the municipal official or any other local government office in the city of Grand Rapids.

To apply, send a cover letter, CV and professional references to dotty [email protected] at [email protected] and send a CV and full application to Sue Kline, Director of Grattan City Council Office, [email protected]. Apply: Apply with CV / cover letter and completed application, with salary statement and references, to Michelle Alberts office ([email protect] or [email email email]

To submit a job advertisement or RFP ad, please enter it in the subject field and send it to Larry Taupel at [email protected]. To submit an application with CV, cover letter, references and complete application, please contact TTFAUpel @ or [email protected].

Qualified people who wish to be considered for the position must apply, submit a CV and cover letter, in accordance with the instructions at / career. Further information on the application and the application as well as a copy of the application package can be found in the job description. Letters and CVs must be submitted to the Mason County Administrative Office (Mason County Courthouse) at [email protected]. Interested parties can pick up the application packages at the county office or at any of our Grand Rapids office locations.

Applicants should have 5 years of professional experience in an area related to the administration of the Mason County Courthouse and / or its facilities. Professional qualifications include a bachelor's degree in a related subject such as law, economics, business administration, accounting, finance or a similar field.

The most vacant position is a psychiatric specialist who works directly with hospital patients and residents. This person works with patients, staff, patient relatives and other hospital staff. A wide range of positions in the field of mental health and drug abuse are available at a level consistent with experience.

If you are an aspiring planner with a passion for small towns and rural areas, please read the job description and consider applying. Wedgwood is hiring for a full-time job in the Economic Development Department. This task will entrust you with developing short and long-term business strategies to maximize your organization's growth potential. We are currently looking for an experienced business planner with experience in an area of western Michigan and a travel team to assist utilities.

Collaborate with a city planning office to assist local governments in planning, planning and developing the economic development plan of the city, county or state of Michigan. Potential candidates must have a bachelor's degree in urban planning or a related field with at least two years of professional experience. Experience in the areas of business development, corporate governance and / or public policy is required. Required: Experience in a town planning department, a municipal or district office, professional experience in municipal planning offices, support in local government.

There are entry-level positions that do not require certification, but there are no positions that require specific qualifications or certificates. Job opportunities exist, but in Western Michigan, the need for people to find both temporary and full-time employment has increased.

This is an opportunity to revitalize a small town and adapt to a changing world. The requirements listed below are essential to perform the essential functions of this position. Ideal candidates will be able to be responsible for a variety of community tasks, such as community service, community service and community engagement.